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2020-2022 Cumberland / Perry CI

Agency: Commonweath of Pennsylvania
Level of Government: State & Local
  • S - Utilities and Training Services
Opps ID: NBD15736386772194718
Posted Date: Dec 2, 2019
Due Date: Dec 19, 2019
Solicitation No: E04812

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Advertisement - Project Specific - Construction Inspection Services
Special Comments

Although the number of positions on the part descriptions adds up to 1 TCM, 5 TCIS’s, 13 TCI’s and 6 TAs, we expect to require a total of 1 TCM, 3 TCIS's, 10 TCI's and 6 TA's to share between parts as needed. If the District feels additional staff is warranted after execution, additional personnel and resumes will be requested at that time. Currently, we are requesting a total of 14 resumes.

Initiating Organization:
Engineering District 8-0 Status: Published
Agreement Type: Project Specific
100% State Funded: No
Services Requested: Construction Inspection
Selection Process: Modified
SOI Deadline: 12/19/2019
E04812 2020-2022 Cumberland / Perry CI

* This advertisement was created from Agreement E04812
The Department of Transportation will retain an engineering firm to provide supplementary construction inspection staff of approximately 20 inspectors under the 0800 Inspector-in-Charge, for construction inspection and documentation services on the following project(s):
Part 1

Location Description State Route/Section
Cumberland County 0081/076

Part Name: SR0081-076 Cumberland County, ECMS #92152
Project Description: SR0081-076 ECMS #92152. Interstate Maintenance Program. Resurfacing of I-81 from Franklin County line with Cumberland County to Kutz Road Bridge. Project boundaries within Cumberland County. Municipalities: Southampton, Shippensburg, South Newton and Penn Townships. Overall project length: 12.33 miles. Inspection staffing: 1 TCM, 1 TCIS, 3 TCIs and 2 TAs. Inspection duration: 4/01/2020 to 12/01/2022.
Anticipated NTP: 04/01/2020
Project Time: Day and Night time
Part 2

Location Description State Route/Section
Cumberland County 0011/099

Part Name: SR0011-099 Cumberland County, ECMS #101266
Project Description: SR0011-099 ECMS #101266. Highway Restoration. Resurfacing of SR0011 from SR0533 to wet weather stream west of SR4003 (Foltz Road) in Shippensburg Borough, Shippensburg and Southampton Townships in Cumberland County. Overall project length: 4.23 miles. Inspection staffing: 1 TCIS, 2 TCIs and 1 TA. Inspection duration: 9/01/2020 to 12/01/2021.
Anticipated NTP: 9/01/2020
Project Time: Day and Night time
Part 3

Location Description State Route/Section
Cumberland County 2016/021

Part Name: SR2016-021 Cumberland County, ECMS #109509
Project Description: SR2016-021 ECMS #109509. Resurfacing. Resurfacing of SR2016 (Hummel Ave.) from South 17th Street to SR2035 (South 3rd Street) and SR2035 (South 3rd Street) from Lowther Street to Market Street in Lemoyne Borough, Cumberland County. Overall project length: 1.76 miles. Inspection staffing: 1 TCIS, 2 TCIs and 1 TA. Inspection duration: 5/01/2020 to 12/01/2020.
Anticipated NTP: 5/01/2020
Project Time: Day and Night time
Part 4

Location Description State Route/Section
Perry County 0034/035

Part Name: SR0034-035 Perry County, ECMS #85655
Project Description: SR0034-035 ECMS #85655. Safety Improvement. Intersection of SR0034 and SR0850 reconfiguration to a roundabout in Carroll Township, Perry County. Inspection staffing: 1 TCI and 1 TA. Inspection duration: 6/01/2020 to 8/26/2022.
Anticipated NTP: 6/01/2020
Project Time: Day and Night time
Part 5

Location Description State Route/Section
Perry County 0034/055

Part Name: SR0034-055 Perry County, ECMS #113261
Project Description: SR0034-055 ECMS #113261. Resurfacing. Resurfacing and retaining wall on SR0034 (Keystone Way) from North 4th Street to east of SR1011 (State Park Road) and resurfacing of SR4008 (Middle Ridge Road) from SR0034 (Market Street) to North 6th Street in Newport Borough, Oliver and Centre Townships in Perry County. Overall project length: 3.62 miles. Inspection staffing: 2 TCIs. Inspection duration: 7/06/2020 to 10/29/2021.
Anticipated NTP: 7/06/2020
Project Time: Day and Night time
Part 6

Location Description State Route/Section
Perry County 0849/019

Part Name: SR0849-019 Perry County, ECMS #90715
Project Description: SR0849-019 ECMS #90715. Bridge Replacement. Bridge replacement on SR0849 (Creek Road) over tributary to Big Buffalo Creek in Juniata Township, Perry County. Inspection staffing: 1 TCI. Inspection duration: 7/06/2020 to 10/29/2021.
Anticipated NTP: 7/06/2020
Project Time: Day and Night time
Part 7

Location Description State Route/Section
Cumberland County 0011/120

Part Name: SR0011-120 Cumberland County, ECMS #113264
Project Description: SR0011-120 ECMS #113264. Resurfacing. Resurfacing on SR0011 (Carlisle Pike) from Hogestown Road to Salem Church Road in Hamden Township, Cumberland County. Overall project length: 5.56 miles. Inspection staffing: 1 TCIS, 1 TCI and 1 TA. Inspection duration: 7/13/2020 to 11/24/2021.
Anticipated NTP: 7/13/2020
Project Time: Day and Night time
Part 8

Location Description State Route/Section
Cumberland County 2033/009

Part Name: SR2033-009 Cumberland County, ECMS #87413
Project Description: SR2033-009 ECMS #87413. Bridge Replacement. Bridge replacement on SR2033 (Creek Road) over Cedar Run in Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County. Inspection staffing: 1 TCIS and 1 TCI. Inspection duration: 10/12/2020 to 12/24/2021.
Anticipated NTP: 10/12/2020
Project Time: Day and Night time
Selection Criteria
The Department will establish an order of ranking of a minimum of (3 ) firms for the purpose of negotiating an agreement based on the Department's evaluation of the statements of interest received in response to this solicitation. The final ranking will be established directly from the statements of interest. Technical proposals will not be requested prior to the establishment of the final ranking.

The following factors, listed in order of importance, will be considered by the Department during the evaluation of the business partners submitting statements of interest:
Criteria Description Weight
1. Review of inspector's resumes, including the length of employment with the submitting firm, with emphasis on construction inspection capabilities and specific project work assignments and timeframes. 20%
2. Work experience and supervisory experience on PennDOT projects indicating an understanding of PennDOT's requirements, policies, and specifications. 20%
3. Number of NICET (by level), NECEPT Bituminous Certification and NECEPT Concrete Field Technician Certification in each classification. Staff in each classification with ECMSv3 experience. 15%
4. Firm's commitment to a quality control and quality assurance process as demonstrated in the firm's Statement of Interest and the firm's QA/QC Plan on file in ECMS with PennDOT. Demonstrate a formalized training program to develop field staff. 15%
5. How will the inspection staff work with PennDOT to assure contractor compliance with environmental permit conditions? 15%
6. How will the inspection staff work with PennDOT to assure the contractor meets the project milestones? 10%
7. How did the team perform on past projects? 5%
Weight Total: 100%
Staff Classification
The qualifications and experience required of the firm's inspectors will be established by the Department, and the qualifications of the firm's proposed employees will be reviewed and approved by the Department.

It is anticipated that a supplementary construction inspection staff for this assignment will consist of the following number of inspectors who meet the requirements for the inspection classifications as detailed in the General Requirements and any additional requirements set forth in this advertisement. The classifications of TCIS, TCI and TA have been amended to identify multiple levels of compensation based on experience and training. Please refer to the General Requirements for the changes. For these three classifications, the submitting firm may propose either a TCIS-1 or 2 for each TCIS required, either a TCI-1, 2, or 3 for each TCI required and either a TA-1 or 2 for each TA required. The maximum hourly rate for each of these sub-classifications is stated later in this advertisement. The Maximum Straight Time Hourly Payroll Rate shown in the following table is the maximum rate for the highest sub-classification.
Staff Description Inspectors Resumes
TA (Transportation Assistant) 6 0
TCI (Transportation Construction Inspector) 10 10
TCIS (Transportation Construction Inspector Supervisor) 3 3
TCM (Transportation Construction Manager) 1 1

Maximum straight time payroll reimbursement per hour for subsequent calendar years, if applicable, will be established at the scope of work meeting.

In order to be capable of addressing any tasks associated with the contractor's activities over the life of the project, the Department reserves the right to increase or decrease inspection staff on each part (or work order).

The number of inspectors and classifications listed above is solely for the selection process. This is an estimate based on available information at the time of the advertisement. Understandably, the number and classifications may vary depending on various factors. Adjustments can be made provided the staffing requested is within the standard scope of work.

The Maximum straight time hourly payroll rate is the maximum straight time hourly rate paid to an employee in a specific Department Payroll Classification. The Department reserves the right to negotiate hourly payroll rates of individuals based on knowledge, experience and education up to the payroll classification maximum hourly payroll rate.

The maximum straight time hourly payroll rate for each specific Department Payroll Classification as of August 1, 2019 is as follows:

1. Transportation Construction Manager: TCM-2 $38.44, TCM-1 $33.70
2. Transportation Construction Inspector Supervisor: TCIS-2 $31.56 TCIS-1 $30.13
3. Transportation Construction Inspector: TCI-3 $27.59, TCI-2 $26.44, TCI-1 $25.26
4. Transportation Assistant: TA-2 $21.26, TA-1 $18.08
5. Coatings Inspector: CI-3 $41.93, CI-2 $35.21, CI-1 $25.83
Work Task

The firm selected may be required to attend a pre-construction conference with the Department and the construction contractor for this project. Under the supervision and direction of the department the selected firm will be required to keep records and document the construction work prepare current and final estimates for payment to the construction contractor assist the Department in obtaining compliance with the labor standards safety and accident prevention and equal opportunity provisions of the contract item. The selected firm may also be required to perform other duties as needed.


Please complete and attach an employee summary sheet that shows the following breakdown of information. Please submit information in a chart format. Order chart by position (highest to lowest) then name of the individual. This sheet will not count toward the maximum number of pages for the Statement of Interest.

(Only names proposed on the agreement should appear on chart)

1. APPLICANT NAME - indicate classification as shown on the current proposal.








9. ECMSv3 EXPERIENCE - indicate YES/NO


Answering YES to ECMS v3EXPERIENCE means that individual is able to navigate through the ECMS website project screens in order to access/retrieve construction project information and reference documents.

Answering YES to ECMS v3 EXPERIENCE means that the inspection individual is able to navigate through the ECMS v3 functionality in order to create and review PSAs.

Answering YES to ECMS v3 EXPERIENCE means that the supervisory individual should be able to perform, create and review tasks such as PSAs, Work Orders and Estimates.

Firms applying must have qualified personnel capable of climbing structures during painting, rehabilitation, or construction.
The firm selected will be required to supply the following equipment for use by the consultant inspection staff at their actual cost not to exceed the maximum direct reimbursement shown below:
Description Max Reimbursement Qty
Cellular Phones As per invoice (Cell Phone Usage) 20
iPads As per invoice (Data Usage Only) 20

If the equipment is self-owned, reimbursement will be based on actual cost of ownership not to exceed the maximum allowable. If equipment is from an outside supplier, the engineer must secure a minimum of three written quotes. The Department reserves the right to request additional quotes.

A maximum daily reimbursement amount for mileage to and from the work site will be established by multiplying 150 miles by the maximum Department allowable mileage rate per mile. The maximum reimbursed mileage is 75 miles each way for any given day. Mileage will be reimbursed for the shortest distance route from the inspector's residence to the work site and return using primarily state routes. A commuting distance of 15 miles each direction will be considered a normal commuting distance from the inspector's residence and will not be eligible for mileage reimbursement. An inspector will be reimbursed for either mileage to and from the work site or lodging, but will not be reimbursed for a combination of the two during the same day.

If using Lodging:

The only exception to the mileage above would be the first day of the work week if lodging is used. Mileage to the jobsite, up to 75 miles, and lodging for the first night will be allowed. Lodging will be reimbursed up to the current GSA maximum allowable lodging rates for the area where the inspector is working in lieu of mileage. Receipts for all costs must be provided to the Department upon request. Lodging will be reimbursed only for employees whose homes are more than 65 miles from the work site. The current GSA maximum allowable lodging rate for the month invoiced is required to be submitted with each invoice when lodging reimbursement is requested. Mileage home on the last day of the week would be reimbursed up to 75 miles home.

If using extended stay lodging through a hotel or apartment lodging for projects of long duration (60 days or more) the following management directive will apply:

The Department will need to approve the specifics regarding the rental costs. The documentation include calculations supporting the proposed costs prior to the firm actually using an apartment/hotel as extended lodging. The analysis should include the cost breakdown that shows the cost savings for renting an apartment as opposed to staying in a hotel daily. Therefore, the firm would need to show the cost benefit vs. paying for the normal lodging. The firm should come up with the total cost as a monthly cost (this being lower than lodging for a month) and the cost would be entered under Other Costs at a number of months (units) at the given cost. If the price proposal is already developed then you can enter the cost in the Commute/Lodging Miles category and include a comment that this cost includes the apartment lodging.

The following rule has been adopted from the Commonwealth Travel Manual 230.1

"Reimbursement will be limited to lodging, necessary utilities (cable and phone are excluded), and mileage or transportation costs for a biweekly roundtrip between the worksite and the traveler's permanent residence or headquarters. Subsistence expenses are not allowed. Mileage is not paid between lodging and temporary worksite."

iPad Device Requirements:

All inspection staff are required to have iPads with 4G service unless otherwise agreed to by the department.

PennDOT apps are designed to support iPad 4 or newer which are running the latest version of iOS.

iPad’s must have a minimum of 16 GB internal storage.

Cost of device and IT support services will be the responsibility of the consultant.

Cellular service costs may be reimbursed if the firm can provide a written policy to ensure direct project costs. This documentation must be attached to the technical proposal for each firm charging cellular service.

The consultant will also need to enroll in the Apple VPP.

All custom B2B apps will be made available to business partners through the Apple VPP store. This requires creating a Business Apple ID at To register, you will need to provide a business phone number and email address, Dun & Bradstreet number, valid business address and a tax registration number, if applicable. Once this process is complete, notify PennDOT in accordance with the Apple Business Guide of your Apple ID and Requested Apps. For security purposes, PennDOT iPad apps are provided only to approved business partners through the VPP store. This access is controlled by your Business Apple ID. Once you have registered, provide your business’s Apple ID along with the requested apps to PennDOT by contacting the PennDOT IT Service Desk. Once your account has been approved and the apps made available, you will be contacted by PennDOT. For more detail on enrolling in Apple VPP or Downloading and Distributing apps from the VPP Store, please refer to the Apple VPP Business Guide. For any questions related to the PennDOT approval process or ECMS credentials, please visit .

All questions and answers are required to go through ECMS's "Questions and Responses" forum.

The statement of interest, at a minimum, should indicate how the selected firm will accomplish the tasks outlined and provide the services as detailed. The anticipated duration of the agreement is 3 years.

The goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation in this agreement shall be 8 % of the total agreement cost. Cost included in a DBE firm's price proposal as direct cost of work and services by others shall not count as DBE participation in this agreement, unless completed by a DBE firm. Additional information concerning DBE participation in this agreement is contained in the General Requirements and Information Section referenced below.

Additional information regarding this Agreement/Advertisement and Statement of Interest requirements are contained in the General Requirements document.
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Contact Information
Name Email Phone Fax Org
Brian J. Blake (717) 783-7973 (717) 772-0397 0800
Published SOI Deadline Revised Description
12/02/2019 12/19/2019


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